Fuerteventura is part of a series of mosaic works by Terry Flaxton which look at the representation of place. It accompanies two other works on Sedition, made in King’s Canyon and in Westhay.

Fuerteventura means fierce wind. In this work, Flaxton adjusted the colour palette to take the edge away so there is no fierce sun. He wanted to convey the sense of the place of fierce wind; sound is one of the ways of doing that. The artist captured the lapping of the waves on the shore of an island out in the Atlantic, off the African continent (“I need to go to Raratonga to create its complementary work”).

Each of the three works Fuerteventura, Kings Canyon and Westhay can either play singularly as one individual work, one after the other on one display, or played side by side in a triptych for those that wish to really own a larger work of art – also all three can be viewed display when set to 2D conversion to 3D mode. The depth within these particular works is hugely enhanced by display on an OLED display in 3D Mode.


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