Hearts of Oak

Hearts of Oak is a captivating moving-yet-still-image project by Terry Flaxton that marries the digital and analog worlds through the lens of traditional English crafts. Set against the backdrop of Somerset, England, this artwork showcases individuals engaged in age-old practices such as weaving, cheese making, and sculpting, celebrating the tangible value of handmade items in today's digital age. Inspired by the poem Leisure by W.H. Davies and a verse from Lord Byron’s Childe Harold, Hearts of Oak ponders the essence of a life well-lived and the quiet wisdom found in traditional craftsmanship. This project is not just a portrait series; it is a reflection on time, meaning, and the beauty of slowing down to appreciate the fundamental values of life.

As one of the pieces in Terry Flaxton's trio of works released around the Venice Biennale, Hearts of Oak offers a grounding perspective on the digital transformation of our lives through the prism of the enduring nature of analog traditions. Screening at the Biennale, this work invites viewers into a contemplative dialogue about the intersection of art, culture, and identity, encouraging a deeper understanding of what connects us across time and technology. Together, these works form a cohesive exploration of the world's beauty, complexity, and the myriad ways art can reveal the essence of our shared human experience.

Emily Burridge: Cello. The soundtrack remixed and arranged by Terry Flaxton.


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