Intersection of Dreams

The Intersection of Dreams, the concluding piece in Terry Flaxton's collection, God's Love is Eternal, reimagines Salvador Dali's portrayal of the Crucifixion. Initially presented as a triptych, the artwork confronts viewers with an icon of hope, redemption, and the enduring impacts of generational stewardship of the Earth's resources. Suspended over a bustling intersection, the crucifix figure serves as a metaphor for our era's ceaseless rush and prompts reflection on our roles in a world where values are increasingly scrutinized. Furthermore, the portrayal of youth scrutinizing the viewer introduces a compelling narrative, interrogating humanity's passivity in the face of impending ecological collapse. This poignant piece underscores the theme of divine love and the intersections of faith, technology, and human responsibility, serving as a fitting finale to the collection.

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