Intersection of Dreams

Echoing Mussorgsky's Pictures from an Exhibition which are sketches of people, places, ideas and concepts, Sedition is releasing 2 works from exhibitions by Terry Flaxton, Intersection of Dreams, and Radiant Sound Radiant Light (Sonus et Lux Radiosa). These two pieces are at the extremes of Flaxton's practice - one is a moving image work that references Salvador Dali's painting of the Crucifixion of St John of the Cross, while the second is an abstract composition exploring the relationship between light and sound.

Intersection of Dreams is a response to the effects on the young from older generations' curation of the planet’s resources. First exhibited as a triptych of screens, the work asks the viewer to gaze on the icon of hope and redemption for more than a billion of the world’s populace - the crucifixion of someone who continually gives their life to redeem our internal state. The viewer is at the same time being viewed by those that come after us, our children. Their gaze is not judgemental, they simply look at the viewer as they consider the familiar icon of hope. Slowly we proceed into the work and see that the figure of the crucifix is suspended over an intersection where traffic rushes to and fro. This is a nod to Dali, who asks us to view the icon of the crucifix from an unfamiliar standpoint - we view from above looking down, from the position of a creator god who views both the redeemer of the world and the world that needs redeeming. This artwork asks us to consider the meaning not only of the images themselves, but the value of art in a world whose values are now deeply in question.

These two works are the first of a series being launched to celebrate Flaxton's current exhibitions - the series is an opportunity for the collector to visit those exhibitions at a distance. It also highlights the diversity of Flaxton's practice, which incorporates two distinct, but interacting, practices of abstraction and realism.


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