Drawing inspiration from the works from Primo Levi, Flaxton’s new work Metamir is a visualisation of the moment a person looks at the metamir; a metaphysical mirror, worn by another - while the glance may be momentary, the experience is deep and long.

In Primo Levi’s short story, The Mirror Maker, a metamir is a device, that when worn by its owner, reveals their soul to an observer - the metamir is effectively a metaphysical mirror.

Timoteo comes from a long line of mirror makers who have kept examples of their best work from time immemorial - in some cases they have silver mirrors ‘blackened by centuries of human emanations’. Timateo decides to distil the essence of the effects of a mirror in its truthful reflection of the world and then present this to his lover but though he had tested the reflection upon himself, he hasn’t realised the affect it would have on her - and the story of their love ended badly. Timoteo continued trying to perfect the metamir and found another lover - and when wearing his metamir she then saw him in an ideal state which taught him that no two viewers experienced the truth of the soul of another because they themselves carry a set of attitudes which affects the world they experience. So even with a marvellous instrument such as a metamir, Levi concludes that everything is relative. " – Terry Flaxton

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