Drawing inspiration from the works from Primo Levi, in Parachronon, Flaxton visualises the actual process experienced by the person undergoing a procedure through quantum alteration.

In Primo Levi’s short story, Time Checkmated, Levi speaks of how a scientist researches why pleasurable experiences seem subjectively shorter than neutral experiences, whereas unpleasant experiences seem subjectively longer. Levi speaks of how the researcher pursues this idea until he develops a method for intervening in people’s brains to create a control mechanism for the subjective experience of time such that the real-time experience can be extended to fill the mind of the subject for as long as the subject desires - a good experience such as love can be lengthened and a bad experience such as pain can be reduced to a microsecond. In other words, existence can be made more perfect for the experiencer. Unusually for Primo Levi there is no moral downside for the characters. "– Terry Flaxton

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