Paradigm Enigma - Being Human

Paradigm Enigma - Being Human is the last of the five audiovisual works in the Immeasurable Heaven collection (which is a collaboration between Terry Flaxton and composer Allan Lethbridge). Finally in this grand scheme of existence is the paradigmatic enigma of consciousness wrapped in human form in this part of the universe. Elsewhere self-conscious creatures might take different forms, maybe a balloon-like body on a gas planet or an elongated tall, thin shape on a planet with low gravity - but where there's self consciousness inhabiting a form then these creatures deserve the title ‘Human’. So the enigmatic paradigm of the human drama may well take different shapes elsewhere, but the drama of existence, survival and fight or flight at first, and later a more refined relationship with existence where culture and art and meaning are explored, exist in whatever shape 'the human' manifests. Paradigm Enigma - Being Human is a composition that refers to this drama in its later stages where the matter of living is the subject and these creatures are depicted in the rarified state of hardly having bodily matter at all.

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