Portraits of Cannaregio, Venice

Portraits of Cannaregio, Venice is part of an ongoing portraiture project by Terry Flaxton and was filmed in the city during the Venice Biennale. The video work shows residents and visitors in everyday life in Venice. They stand, completely still apart from the movement caused by their breathing and blinking, and stare directly at the camera before turning to walk away. Their portraits are moments in their busy daily lives.

In Cannaregio, you can still see the elements of real people's lives in the trades and disciplines they hold - from the glass blower, the tall and small porters, the waiters, the fish men, the ceramicists and the Hasidic Jews of the Ghetto - Venetian working class life still goes on. Cannaregio is the part of Venice that novelists place their stories within, Cannaregio is where the youth of Venice go to play at night to the small hours.


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