Portraits of New York

Portraits of New York comes out of a long term portraiture project where I asked the subjects to enter the frame and take a position, bring something that was relevant to them - or dress accordingly to say something about themselves. I took this project to many places around the world - this is the Flat Iron Building in New York. After many years of working photo-graphically, I find myself heading towards 'the graphic'. Several of my works on s[edition] speak to that gesture. But the issue for me in this work is: what is this thing with 'the line' what does that description of mark making mean - why do we draw, why do we inscribe and why do we abstract? For me, sometimes, each work is a step forward towards an unspoken goal. I know what that goal is in some deep unarticulated way (important that this never really enters the domain of words) but the art works themselves are the gestures of that journey made in transit, shared with the viewer. This is a little bit of New York and a little bit of 'drawing'.
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Portraits of New Yorkby Terry Flaxton
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Portraits of New York
Terry Flaxton
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April 22, 2018
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