Radiant Sound, Radiant Light (Sonus et Lux Radiosa)

Please note that this work is linked to Flaxton's collection Without Meaning and is free when purchasing the collection.

Echoing Mussorgsky's Pictures from an Exhibition which are sketches of people, places, ideas and concepts, Sedition is releasing two pieces from two exhibitions by Terry Flaxton, The Intersection of Dreams, and Radiant Sound Radiant Light (Sonus et Lux Radiosa). These two pieces are also at the extremes of Flaxton's practice - one is a direct realistic yet surreal moving image piece echoing and nodding to Salvador Dali's surreal painting of the Crucifixion of St John of the Cross, while the second is an abstract work exploring the relationship between light and sound.

Radiant Sound Radiant Light (Sonus et Lux Radiosa) is an abstract work subtitled Entertaining Messrs Satie, Milhaud, Stockhausen, Cage, Ligeti, Hills, Wesley-Barker & Mme Monk. The work is dedicated to these important composers through the use of auto sensory meridian response recordings (ASMR), which stimulate those people that have the condition where sound is felt synaesthetically as tingling and other responses in the body. This work appears in two forms in exhibition: as a direct transmission from overhead parabolic sound reflectors as the audience stand immediately beneath the emission and sense the sound itself (hence Radiant Sound) and as a sound and image work with Flaxton’s visualisations of the sound at work in the mind as images (hence Radiant Light).

The two works are the first of a series launched to accompany Flaxton's recent and forthcoming exhibitions - the series is an opportunity for the collect to visit those exhibitions at a distance. It also highlights the diversity of Flaxton's practice, which incorporates two distinct, but interacting, practices of abstraction and realism.


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