Signs and Symbols of the Human Condition

Signs and Symbols of the Human Condition is the first part of the Signs and Symbola trilogy. The artwork is concerned with finding a specific set of images that speak directly to the dark and the light of the human psycho-spiritual dilemma. To that end Terry Flaxton engaged with several different communities of carnival folk to help create images that evoked the edge of human behaviours that we all know exists behind the closed doors of our psyche. The theatre and drama were evoked, pyro-technicians were engaged and havoc reigned whilst the images were captured in a collective dream. There was intent by all the performers to engage in channelling a particular part of the human id such that it could be encoded in a work to then capture and suggest the signposts to what lies beneath – so that we might better understand and accept our state as sentient creatures - aware that there must be other sentient creatures co-existing with us not only on the planet we inhabit, but universe-wide, albeit beyond communication. This the human at its most naked. The soundtrack is composed for orchestra and then slowed down to a hundredth of its pace to capture the lower current and movements of the human psyche.

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