The Consciousness of Angels

The Consciousness of Angels is the first work of the Immeasurable Heaven collection and is a collaboration between Terry Flaxton and composer Shawn Bell. This work asks of the viewer do larger, more influential (and yet more Immaterial Beings) than us exist - normally known as angels? Are they like those depicted in Renaissance art? Blond men, women and children with halos that hover near the mortals they whisper secrets to? Or are these just the reflection of our own knowledge that movements of early minute strings of energy that we now see as sub atomic particles, so simple and so early in the birth of the universe that were both entangled and communicating with eachother in an intelligent fashion, that then laid the foundations of the universe as we know it? And perhaps in recognising this we recognise their agency within the myths we construct? This work is a visualisation of the earliest foundational moments of our current universe.

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