The Consciousness of the Foundations and Essential Elements

The Consciousness of the Foundations and Essential Elements is an audiiovisual artwork launched as part of Immeasurable Heaven, a collection of five works by Terry Flaxton. Some physicists argue that there is no matter at all, only information. Others go further to argue that information is simply a basic component of consciousness - that everything is a thought form uttered by the overall consciousness of the universe as it breaths in and breaths out every 108 billion years, from big bang to big collapse on and on through eternity - with the only through-line being the principles, the foundational elements that sit beneath the rolling on and out creating space time as it tsunamis through the emptiness , creating materials one after the other, all of which are dependent on a set rules, changing each time the exhalation of the universe is created. In themselves through their changeability - the rules are the foundations of all the materials that will arise in each iteration of a universe.

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