The Reverie of Forgotten Dreams

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The Reverie of Forgotten Dreams (La Rêverie des Rêves Oubliés de l’arrière-pays) is one of the photographically based work in Flaxton's recently launched collection The Living Dead and the partner piece of the work Day of the Living Dead in the same collection. The work is named after the poet Yves Bonnefoy’s book of the same name concerning "l’arrière-pays" meaning back country in French.

As a metaphor for the idea of a place that a person can glimpse only fleetingly - which itself indicates that there is something extraordinary about living - hinted at in the back roads and small discoveries of life - and there’s a necessary melancholia involved in that feeling too. Bonnefoy speaks about ‘that' as being a comment on the realities we all live within.

In depicting the melancholy nature that the sculptures find themselves in, as they languish whilst waiting for someone to come and relieve their status as ‘orphans’ - a sad state that the offers hope as their situation can be reversed if a person buys them and places them in their garden - which of course immediately gives them their original purpose as being a hopeful celebratory gesture of life gifts.

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