Universal Colloquium

Universal Colloquium is one of eight artworks comprising the Entangled: The Human Gaze in an Age of Quantum Entanglement by Terry Flaxton. This special edition will be gifted to anyone who purchases the Part 1 of the Entangled collection

In a nod to Hesse’s Glass bead game – where monks eternally manipulate the codas of meaning where every sense is represented, from song, to poem, to symphony of taste and circumnavigates of smell – where all the senses reform and refine themselves into the Quantum Era – then elements of all of these messages from the infinite concerning the meaning of the sensorium that all creatures exist within – with sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and the overriding sense: the common sense – mind that gathers all of this together, then that cohering sensibility merges with matter itself. The Quantum is realised as a new form which enables each self to manipulate the world around them – and the open secret that never was, is that this has always been so. Each creature could always utilise what was in them and around them. So this is a celebratory conversation between all beings who are now masters of the forms they inhabit.

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