Until I'm Gone

To make Until I’m Gone, Terry Flaxton went to the fjords of Norway to muse upon being and nothingness. The footage he filmed there, which has a painterly quality, is accompanied by a sound poem written by Flaxton and read by a friend.

“I wrote a sound poem for a friend to speak which when translated into Norwegian became pre-linguistic word sounds, part of the soundtrack, necessary only if needed, as the images on their own speak about what I began to think and feel, what I now think and feel… the place imprinted itself on the medium of inscription and the images reflect the effect of black water and the sheer sides of the fiord’s rising out of that water as I become a portrait of myself in a landscape, an indication of my presence in the landscape of my own... an end like 'Edge of Darkness' where we just fade away, as the landscape takes us into itself… until we are gone.”

The work was originally displayed as a full installation with moving image projection and 6 full sized aluminum prints. For Sedition, Flaxton presents a digital edition of the moving image component of the installation.

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Until I'm Goneby Terry Flaxton

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