Westhay, Somerset

Within Westhay nature reserve (10,000 miles from Kings Canyon, an associated work), I realised I had to create a mosaic response to the deeper sense of the place that I live in. These days Somerset is popular and you now have to look beneath the surface to find what’s real. I came here 25 years ago escaping from the linear tendencies of the art world, and the 'feel' of Somerset was what most drew me – as did the the burl of the language of Somerset people who said things like: “Do thee tell I what thou b’ainst be dwan?” (what are you’re doing?). The concept is familiar but arrives as a surprise when you figure out what’s being said, what’s going on – something like art practice. Finding familiarity in far countries or the landscape close by – not the familiarity of what you are conversant with, but the familiarity of the new, or at least of all the things that accompany the new… the particular atmospherics and frisson of realizing that you’re on to something. So Westhay is a place on the Levels, full of ‘rhynes’ (the local Germanic or Dutch name for drainage channels between each field), it’s a place where the rhynes are no longer rhynes but pools and wetlands – a place where King Alfred fled to reorganise against the invaders. This piece evokes the feel of Somerset.

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Westhay, Somersetby Terry Flaxton
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Westhay, Somerset
Terry Flaxton
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February 20, 2018
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