"And Then The Sun Was Gone....."

In our efforts to regain a lost paradise, we first have to peer into our past to understand our future. Confronting our reality is not an easy task. In our current global climate, this generation has been built upon an excess of information, where false truths and artificial beliefs are oppressing our senses. Our world is in a state of flux.

“And Then The Sun Was Gone…..” is a video installation speaking of our fate, should we continue to be misguided. Distilled as a critical observation of humanity, it imagines our world as once pure, drifting over time and feeling displaced. Representing both good and evil the apple is a paradoxical symbol. Seen throughout mythology as an object of perpetual youth and wisdom, it also embodies the origins of sin and love.

Referencing the biblical tale of The Garden of Eden, our initial taste for knowledge, vanity and immortality has led us into an uncertain future, preoccupied with an existential crisis.

Single channel 4K video
Duration: 4:25 mins


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