"As Far As I Could See..." (II)

"As Far As I Could See…", a digital artwork collection by Thomas C. Chung consisting of three video works, is a pivotal component of the larger solo exhibition "The Sea That Stands Before Me…", featured in December 2023 at the Chinese European Art Center (CEAC) in Xiamen, China.

This series of digital landscapes captures the essence of dreamlike wandering and solitude, embodying the universal experience of dreaming. Set against the backdrop of the broader theme, it explores the depths of human consciousness and emotion, seamlessly blending the lines between reality and imagination. The pieces in "As Far As I Could See…" embark their viewer onto the path of contemplation of life's uncertainties, personal quests, and the human condition, offering a profound visual journey into the realms of introspection and the unknown.

Sound Design by Paul Leadbetter.

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