"The Way It Once Was…"

A single-channel video work by Thomas C. Chung.

“The Way It Once Was…” presents a cloudscape slowly but constantly changing. Overlooking the ground, it is enchanting to experience a performance of clouds and the atmosphere. From the status of calm, shifting from rainbow to thunder and lightning, the sky is fluctuating. It reflects the life that subtly transforms, even when the changes are not apparent.

Its absence of humanity - much like any metropolis around the world - was a reflection of our state of mind, taking the time to reflect upon our actions and thoughts. It reminds us of the freedom we had as children when the sky was limitless and a site of infinite possibility and imagination.

Aerial spaces and atmospheric objects are Chung’s recurring topics. He explores innocence, freedom, uncertainty, and volatility as key aspects of his current practice.

Sound Design by Paul Leadbetter.

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