"Among the hidden jewels of the Remos Nebula, 'Serenity' - as the elder races called it - was the first world that made me feel unworthy of even looking at it. There, at the birthplace of the Second Song, you can find true bliss as you watch majestic purple-cyan auroras dance on the sky, forever reflected by pristine ice fields. Serenity is truly an understatement."
- Za'rul, First Chronicler (fictional character)

Serenity is part of Tiberius's exclusive space art collection, based on the fictional universe of "The Last Song", a novel series he is also authoring.

Created within his famous hyper realistic style, this artwork is a depiction of a majestic icy world that used to be the homeworld of Taal'la, one of the elder races in the book.


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