Tim Drage - aka Cementimental - was born in the UK in 1977 and currently resides in London. He has a BA in Animation from University of Wales College Newport and works as a freelance animator and motion graphics artist, and as a sound artist, under the name Cementimental and as half of the multimedia sound art performance duo & synth designers Isn'tses. He makes extensive use of hacked, circuitbent and glitched technologies and 'found-generative' processes where software and hardware is misused to create feedback loops which generate extremely detailed and complex video and audio. He also uses collage, now digital but leaning on years of past experience in analog mail-art collage and handmade stop motion animation. He self-published Cementimental's Untitled Harsh Noise Graphic Novel, a paperback book of dense op-art biomechanical pixel abstraction. As an animator he is one half of brickfilm pioneers Spite Your Face Productions and has worked for clients including Sony Pictures, Lucasfilm, Monty Python, LEGO, Plasticine, The Guardian, Kellogs, The BBC, UNICEF and The United Nations Development Program.