Tim Trompeter

New York, United States

TMSSQR1 - anonymous us

TMSSQR1 fuses digital still images, graphics and video collected in NYC's Times Square at night into a compelling two and a half minute loop.

Now that our internet activities and personal interests are being tallied into the statistical outlines of Big Data, what it means to be anonymous is an open issue. Our public spaces are increasingly being monitored by optical devices that collect facial recognition data and feed that information into government collection centers and law enforcement agencies.

The audio track is a Chopped n Screwed (beat-doubled and slowed) treatment of Empathy by Ab-Soul (Control System / TDE 2012) which itself sampled Friendly Skies by Missy Elliott (Supa Dupa Fly / Goldmind 1997). Empathy was Chopped n Screwed by Hunter S. Compton (Cosmology Collective) in the summer of 2013, and is used with his permission. Many thanks and deep appreciation to all the artists involved in the creation and evolution of this work.

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