Moving Stills #2 - diving board swimming pool

In the 19th century Muybridge, Edison and the Lumieres brought movement to single photographic images. The brain’s refresh rate assembled a series of still images shown in rapid succession into a smooth representation of the real world. For the first time something that happened in the past was captured on film and could be viewed in the present and the future. A visual record of everything and anything. Maori say their facial moko tell the story of their lives - the past is not the past, it is instead all around us at all times. With the creation of the motion picture – the past is absolutely not the past, because it lives on, in a quantum moment splitting sense – always. The cat is both alive and dead. The past is the past, but also the present and the future. Every moment in time exists simultaneously, and can be preserved for viewing at any time.

How to search for meaning in those individual moments? What truths does a single frozen moment reveal? Can we watch repeated moments, freeze them, and achieve a greater depth of understanding about ourselves and our world?

Using a digital camera to film a ten second video to create a nine image index grid, I go from still images to moving images with the goal of creating the composite still image placed next to the looped original set of moving images of ten seconds in length. Moving Stills.


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