Switcher Feedback 2v3 - Tod Mesirow visuals Jim Lang music

In 1990 I was producing a weekly television series about fine art titled Appreciating Art, which was hosted by Conrad Janis, son of Sidney Janis, the New York gallerist who represented artist like Mondrian, Josef Albers, de Kooning and Jackson Pollack. Having Conrad approve the writing about art I did for the series was comforting. One day while assembling an episode in the control room I noticed distortions on one of the monitors. “What’s causing that?” I asked the technician. “It’s just distortion caused by a feedback loop in the switcher.” I became mesmerized as I manipulated the shapes and patterns of the distortion, the colors, and the movement. I recorded my manipulations, and when the show ended put the tapes on a shelf in the basement. Recently I pulled them out, and assembled several versions of Switcher Feedback. This one is accompanied by a beautiful piece of original music by Jim Lang.


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