Friends 12

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Friends is a series of 100 unique algorithmically generated digital artworks by Universal Everything. The works are produced using software designed to generate random combinations of shapes, colours and sizes with collision detection.

The Friends series is launched to celebrate What Is Universal Everything?, the studio’s first monograph, which is published by Unit Editions and was produced by Universal Everything’s Matt Pyke in collaboration with the Spin design team, Tony Brook and Claudia Klat. Each of the 2000 books produced has a unique algorithmically generated image on its cover. The book presents 24 of Universal Everything’s key projects, sketches by Pyke, extensive interviews with the studio and two essays, all of which give in-depth insight into the studio’s working methods, technical processes and creative influences.

The digital editions in Friends were made using the same technique as the images on the book covers, and add 100 unique moving-image iterations to the 2000 stills made for the books. Universal Everything are offering twelve art collectors the chance to own a signed edition of What is Universal Everything? when they purchase iterations 1-12 of Friends. What is Universal Everything can be purchased separately from Unit Editions

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