Maison Autonome 46

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Maison Autonome by Universal Everything is an artwork consisting of 50 unique iterations, showcasing the frontier of visual technological innovation through a fantasy fashion show. This generative video work brings to life an array of endlessly delightful characters, each presenting themselves with a unique anthropomorphic walk and personality. What sets these characters apart is their exclusive digital couture, embodying the essence of outrageous, seductive fashion. The garments, characterized by their oversized, fluid, and space-age aesthetics, redefine the traditional language of fashion. As these characters strut towards the viewer in a randomized blend of form, size, and material, Maison Autonome offers a glimpse into a future where fashion transcends current boundaries. This work not only celebrates a positivist image of the future but also provokes thoughtful questioning on the role and necessity of designers in an era where digital innovation reigns supreme.

Maison Autonome has not only captivated audiences with its groundbreaking visual and technological achievements but also boasts an impressive exhibition history that underscores its significance in contemporary art and technology landscape. Maison Autonome was first displayed at Lifeforms at 80 Studios in London as a long form piece in 2022, where it first introduced viewers to its visionary exploration of fashion and identity through digital innovation. It was featured at the Biennale Némo, CENTQUATRE-PARIS in Paris from 2023 to 2024, showcasing its relevance and resonance within the European art scene. Furthermore, the artwork made a significant impact in Asia with its exhibition at the AI Future Fantasy Islands in the Indigo Winter Garden, Beijing, in 2023, highlighting the global appeal and curiosity towards the intersection of artificial intelligence and creative expression. These exhibitions, held at prestigious venues, have not only amplified the artwork's reach but also affirmed its role as a critical commentary on the evolving dynamics of design, technology, and culture. Through its journey from London to Paris and Beijing, Maison Autonome has truly established itself as a landmark project in the digital art world, reflecting Universal Everything’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology.

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