Transfiguration, 2011, was created by Universal Everything together with Realise Studio for the reopening of the prestigious digital arts gallery La Gaite Lyrique, Paris. A bulky human figure walks at a brisk equalised speed at the centre of the screen and transforms in a cycle of progressively transient and surprising materials. We watch how flames grow into metal structures that transform into rock-like matter, out of which icy crystals spring. After numerous further transformations, the walking giant takes on liquid qualities, then becomes gas, and in turn transforms into a perfectly depicted fury figure out of innumerable strands of multi-coloured hair; and so on.

All this time, the figure's journey across the black screen is accompanied by sound that correlates to what the viewer sees. Simultaneously, the audio is descriptive of the material of transformation itself. The figure finally dissolves into what appears to be stardust or simply light - underwritten by a high-pitched sparkly bell-like sound - and re-accumulates into flames that re-start the cycle.

Universal Everything describes Transfiguration as: "an anthropomorphic giant (that) endlessly evolves between primitive and advanced materials". Both "transfiguration" and "evolve" are positive words that signify a development towards and into something: a progression. In this sense, Transfiguration can be seen as a work referencing the evolution of life and humanity itself, crossing from the simple elements over into a digital hyper-real age.

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