Walking City Citizens 42

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Universal Everything have created 50 unique iterations exclusively for Sedition of their most recent work Walking City (2014) with 50 unique citizens, derived from the same processes as Walking City.

For Walking City, Universal Everything have created what appears like a 3D human shrouded in a digital costume that shifts and breaks, reshapes and endlessly evolves as an anthropomorphised architectural form that continuously walks in the centre of the screen. The work references the utopian versions of the 1960s architecture practice Archigram: the language of the materials and patterns are transforming radical architecture in their own right, as if the city itself was walking, forever nomadic, adapting to its environment. Walking City is Universal Everything’s latest exploration into the creation of artificial forms whose movement feels visceral, alive, and un-synthesised - human.

Matt Pyke was Creative Director of the project and Chris Perry in charge of animation.

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