Alessandro Niro, born in 1996, is a Graphic designer from Rome and is half Italian, half Argentinian. His interest in visual art started very early, when he first got a film camera as a gift from his grandfather. Photography has always been an important part of his life. During a photography course he was amazed by the universal power of images and because of that he decided to study graphic design. After graduating at I.E.D. Rome in 2018, he worked at Auge HQ, a visual communication agency based in Milan, and at 101%, a digital communication agency based in Rome where he got closer to the virtual environment. Later on he applied for a residency at Fabrica Research Center in 2020, and he got a 1 year scholarship. He showed his work in the What If exhibition, and had the opportunity to be part of the Bienal del cartel Bolivia, with his artwork "How trapped are you". He's currently working as a freelance artist, exploring the thin line between analogue and virtual, definite and indefinite, tangible and abstract.