Alvin Mak (b.1974, Hong Kong) is a Chinese artist based in Hong Kong. His curiosity in crafting objects led him to a Mechanical Engineering Degree in Canada and New Zealand. After a decade long career in product development and manufacturing, he shifted focus to pursue creative art in 2003. He has led projects with renowned designer and art consultants to create site specific artworks in many 5 star hotels and private collections all over the world.

Blending technical deduction and artistic contemplation, and transitioning Eastern and Western philosophy, much of Mak's artworks examine the mental and psychological activity in the mind. A lot of his motifs are developed from difference in perspectives, the flux of ideas, and the synthesis of thoughts. Mak has developed his own abstract visual language to explore fragmentation vs synthesis, flow vs turbulence of elements through moving images and video art.

Mak explores a variety of medium, including photography, digital prints, sculpture, installations and video art. The subjects are often abstract by design, where focal elements are blended subtly together. His visual language explores rhythm and flow and engages the viewers to find their own balance.

Instagram @alvin3ak