Jean-Marie Caddeo is a french artist based in Paris (b.1972). This self-taught digital and contemporary artist, painter and draughtsman, participates in major events in the French capital such as the "Nuit Blanche 2021" (Contemporary Art Festival). He uses new technologies to create a 500 m2 street art fresco in the heart of the city, creating an optical illusion that distorts the road (anamorphosis). His digital works in the form of portraits or visual installations have been exhibited, among others, at the École Militaire in Paris. He directs his research towards installations and asks the question of the relationship between new technologies and so-called classical artistic ideologies.
 Caddeo is inspired by the dance of algorithmic geometry, by the pure flow of raw and urban art, and by the serious madness of contemporary installations. His creations are immersive works, portraits made from computer codes, paintings, drawings, ranging from abstract to naive.