Hi As an artist musician, innovator and business man, I've been creating art, music and other creative products since I was 10, along with other skills I have produced my creations for my audience with in mind the pleasure and experience they might give the viewer noting they gave me pleasure also during the process of creating them i work with infinite calculations and mathematics and of course my brush strokes are also with both the eye and the imagination of that of a well-grounded artist , the art is a unique experience for the people who like to indulge in the work, my artistic creative interpretation of the experience of sight lends its self to be seen in my images, my art on this platform is only available here and is completely exclusive, so cannot be found anywhere else I do though have on other platforms musical pieces available for audition as well, my originality and quality, given to the pieces I create are artistically produced so you’re assured an amazing experience, I hope they give you a lot of pleasure, if so there is the added availability to own my art and can be purchased here when you have an account, so feel free to enjoy them and add them to your personnel collection, i thank you in advance for any of your purchases, i own and created all the masters and originals for all the art work, so i hope the art is inspiring and in inspirational, i wish to thank you for viewing and i hope you have a great day and a great year ahead Clive McNally