Clive McNally is a UK-based artist, designer, Music and innovation creator from an early age. The approach to the projects created have made the art work much sought after both by leading institutions and those in the art world, Commercial business, hold great Interest for these digital Products, The work explores the motion and the collation between the abstract, figurative and motional form of art, the synthesis of mathematics, only enhance, image, and Motion bringing together expressive, vibrant Art with emergent and expressive creations the conjunctive ascertainment coalition of the respective developments are Central to his studio's practice and the exploration of feeling and the emotional presence, The main origins in Art, film, music, and innovation, has lent to collate the expressive animation, moving image and art work with a Presence of its own, styling, extensive colour palettes have a fundamental placement in the part of the fascination of the form produced. The creative process is directed by an experimental approach to Emotion and the Draw of the construction of the materials, allowing for the art creations to paint and sculpt the image with new technologies and formats that include 3D patterning, logic algorithms, motion calculations and creations for video displays. Movement Emotion, and sound is intrinsic to the productions, stimulating visual reactions and evoking emotions.