Website -> MatericLook Perratone personal interpretation of visual art gathers sparks from a "virtual" world, through tridimensional graphics, digital painting and sculpture, real-time interactions, but ideas are also picked up from the real world: photography, video and traditional techniques. The very border between those two worlds is explored through the gates and tunnels opened by and into his works. Usually his focus is on fusing and re-interpretating the techniques to achieve uncommon or unexpected results, in other cases he's defining elements floating at the threshold between real and synthetic, analyzing shades and facets found amidst the haze. He has worked on animations, short movies, commercials, visual effects, music videos, projection mappings and more. In 2006 he participated in Michelangelo Pistoletto Unidee artist-in-residence program at Cittadellarte Foundation as 3D Artist and photographer. Also has some education and skills in different IT fields (software & hardware) and he's constantly experimenting, trying to find new ways to hybridize between various visual and technical aspects.