Hotaru Visual Guerrilla

Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain
Hotaru Visual Guerrilla is an independent creative studio formed by Ander Ugartemendia and Jone Vizcaino focused on digital art and design located in Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain). Our work explores the intersection between science, nature, and technology. We look for the perfect combination of organic and digital elements inviting the viewers to visualize alternative aesthetic experiences. We like to redefine complex concepts using video and sound as our main tools to explore new methods for non-linear narratives. Our studio work has been awarded and commissioned as part of several exhibitions and festivals in the world such as Signal Festival (Prague); Genius Loci Weimar (Germany); Light Night Leeds (UK); 1-minute PM (Japan); Artvision(Russia); Zsolnay Fèny Festival (Hungary); Luz y Vanguardias (Spain); Kiev Light Festival (Ukraine) and Le Méridien Central Park Hotel lobby artwork produced by Artechouse (NYC).