John De Vries

John De Vries Senior Creative / Art Director at BBDO Lee Clow on John's HEMA Push-up Bra campaign: "The ultimate product demonstration". UCLA Accredited Film Screenwriter and Top 5 most awarded Dutch creative of 2012. Specialties: Innovative Art Direction and Creator of concepts, crafting ideas that live, in all matter of media. - Honors, Awards & Juries: Gold CANNES LIONS Silver CANNES LIONS 2x Shortlist CANNES LIONS Gold EUROBEST Silver EUROBEST 2x Bronze EUROBEST 3x Shortlist EUROBEST 2x Offical Honoree WEBBY AWARDS Gold ADCN 2x Silver ADCN 8x Shortlist ADCN 2x Jury member ADCN TBWA\Worldwide DISRUPTION AWARD Bronze CLIO AWARDS 2x Shortlist CLIO AWARDS Silver SPIN AWARD 2x Gold ESPRIX Bronze ESPRIX 2x Jury member ESPRIX Silver PANL AWARD Gold IMC European Integrated Award 3x Silver IMC European Integrated Award Bronze IMC European Integrated Award SAN ACCENT Award 5x Shortlist SAN ACCENT Award 2x Shortlist EPICA AWARDS Shortlist DUTCH DESIGN AWARDS Finalist DUTCH DESIGN AWARDS IAAPA Brass Ring Award