Kirsten Swensen, (b.1992) is a Amsterdam based artist whose exploration lies in themes of nature, existentialism, impermanence, life, death, identity/non-dualism, and interpersonal dynamics. Swensen’s works take on multiple forms such as interactive immersive installations, digital images, NFTs, and video pieces. Her works are shown at international festivals and museums including van Abbe Museum (NL), Adelaide Festival (AU), Glow (NL), STRP Festival (NL), DEMO Festival (NL), and many more.

In her practice, Kirsten makes extensive use of cutting edge digital technologies of computer generated imagery, sound and extensive digital compositing using code and data as a paint brush. For her, the work often begins a philosophical question or a feeling and often contains video art and installation combined with visual poetry. Through her work, she explores her interests in meditation merging cognitive and emotional behaviours, colors, and patterns with computational methods. Swensen is interested in the way technology can serve different purposes, can evoke certain associations or feelings, and can help with healing and inner contemplation.Through her art, she wants to explore how combining form, structures and sound frequencies can have a meditative effect and enhances a deeper connection with oneself.

Instagram: @kirstenswensen


2022 DEMO Festival, Group Exhibition NL
2015 B-Seite Festival, AV Performance & Exhibition DE
2015 Adelaide Festival, Group Exhibition AU
2015 Christofori Concerthall, Solo exhibition NL
2015 LPM Festival, AV Performance NL
2014 Van Abbe Museum, Group Exhibition NL
2014 LPM Festival, AV Performance NL
2014 Dutch Design Week, Group Exhibition NL
2014 2014 STRP Festival, AV Performance & Exhibition NL
2014 GLOW, Group Exhibition NL