Mark Golding

Lewes, England, United Kingdom
An illuminated and incremental soul alchemist, working with kaleidoscopic and irridescent optical geometries. Following the tradition of illuminated manuscripts, as a means of accessing source and place of origin, whilst using the subtle communication of interspatial energy, organic sacred geometry, colour and light that becomes a healing majic. During an ongoing shamanic journey I recognised that a more evolved, contemporary and organic style of Sacred Geometric structure was being revealed, and in order to communicate the advanced technological, metaphysical and digital understandings of today, my style was born.... I have created an art form, unique and powerful, that is an evolutionary step, a union of the traditions of Shamanic, Visionary, Psychedelic, Magical and Healing Art, that has deep roots within the archetypes of the psyche, and blends with the current research into the study of Neuro Aesthetics, Quantum Tunneling, Heliotherapy, Chromotherapy, Psychology, and Irridology. I work in the paper sizes, A3, A2 and A1, and I draw upon a fine transluscent paper, first outlining in soft pencil, to create the form and geometry, then I serve the outlines with both hard and soft coloured inks, and finally highlight with reflective, irridescent inks. Mark Golding, born Honeypot Lane Maternity Hospital, London, 1955