NIWA.ART AND MEDIA© NIWA are the artist and designer Christian Niwa and the artist and designer Barbara Benfrádj-Niwa. They live and work in Braunschweig- Germany. The main artistic interest in her creative work lies in interdisciplinary art and media projects and creative processes that open up directly in dealing with media and art.The artists NIWA create experimental, audiovisual works of art through interdisciplinary projects in media art. The works of art show different subjects and are presented in digital form. They arise in creative processes and interesting compositions of different genres. An essential element of her work are self-made film, video and photo recordings, sound, color and form compositions from nature and urban living environment.The creative process is characterized by the use of certain technical aids of the 21st century. The use of certain software and traditional elements of painting, sculpture and animation also form an experimental creative area for the artists. For NIWA it is important that the viewer can view the audiovisual works of art in an individual way, so to speak, can experience and personally grasp the perception and the aesthetic expressiveness.It is about the perception of things from nature, architecture, technology and urbanity, about living and creative spaces, the naturalness of things and things from a technocratic world and about aesthetics, which influence the living space and creative process of the artist.