Paul Nano Skawinski

#nanopunk ( Paul Nano Skawinski )Visual Artist & Music Producer Nano makes a variety of visual arts with chemical visuals on a self designed analogue projector in 2010. Nano Projector has in-build 1.2kw discharge bulb with custom motorised system to enable multiple live visual fx. He captures translucent chemical diffusions of colours and densities with macro filmography. The content inside the petri dish is subject to chemical, physical and biological reactions which are triggered during filming process or live performance. With specific selection of fluids and liquids Nano creates live paintings that constantly evolve into something new. With over 10 years of experience in live events he gained recognition for his mesmerising style. His video works were used for AUDI, Samsung QLED TV, Music Video clips and more. In the past he worked with Cat Stevens family during live tour [Noxshi], did projections at ST. Pauls Cathedral in London ,performed at various Fashion cat-walks including EU & UK music festivals to name a few. His latest collection " 1 inch Nanoverse" pictures mesmerising realm of chemical behaviours captured through macro lenses and other filming equipment. Galaxy alike formations explore new dimensions both in graphic design and ones personal perception. For more please visit official website at IG: /@nanopunkk FB:/nanopunkster