Filmmaker, video artist, visual designer, and sound composer, Ran Slavin's work is centered on electronic time-based media and the application of digital technologies. His work explores dynamic relations between fiction, history, digital intervention, and sound.

Engaging with the aesthetics of technology and utilizing post-production, Slavin's work draws from auteur cinema, videogames, anime, electronic media, and urbanism. It addresses themes of materiality and immateriality, consciousness, and the visible and invisible.

His work has been exhibited at the Imago Mundi Foundation (2023), The Ramat Gan Museum of Art (2023), The Decentral Art Pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale (2022), Nakanojo Biennale Japan (2021), Rubin Museum Israel (2020), Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Mediations Biennial – Poland, the Istanbul Biennale, Videoforms-France, Network CCA Belgium, Museum on the Seam-Jerusalem, Transmediale and Merz-music Berlin, Rencontres International-Paris-Berlin-Madrid, Petah Tikva Museum, New Museum New York (2016), Halle 14, Leipzig (2015), The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre/Cyprus (2015), Hong-gah Museum, Taipei (2014), Kunsthalle/Hannover (2013+2022), and Manifesta Satellite events/Belgium (2012), among others. He also received an honorable mention at the Ars-Electronica new media festival in Linz, Austria.

His films have been selected for the POFF Black Nights International Film Festival, Camerimage Film Festival, Haifa and Jerusalem International Film Festivals, Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival, Ficci The International Film Festival of Cartagena De Indias, Asian Film Festival Barcelona, 12th Cinalfama Film Festival, 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, 10th Cinefantasy International Fantastic Film Festival São Paulo, Cinemasia Amsterdam, and many more.

Recordings of Slavin's work have been released on Mille Plateaux, Sub Rosa, Cronica, Railcables, Nana Discs, Esoteric Recordings, among others, and on his own label, Nocturnal Rainbow Recordings.

Most recently, his monograph artist book was published by Mousse.


2023 The Rant Gan Museum of Art Israel
2021 Solo screenings at Tick Tack Gallery Antwerpen, Belgium
2021 Cooking for the Apocalypse Helsinki, Finland
2020 Rubin Museum Tel Aviv, Israel
2018 Beita Gallery Jerusalem, Israel
2018 Nicosa Art Center, NIMAC Cyprus
2017 Haifa Museum of Modern Art Israel
2016 Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art Israel