Hello, I am Tina Devine, Creatrix of Devine Intentions Art, Mystic, Muse, and Shaman, each fractal plays their part. Self-taught Artist and Mindset Coach, unlocking your magic within, Where art and intention merge, transformation energy begins. Welcome to the Digital Intentions Collection, Where Art, Science, and a touch of Woo Woo blend in perfection. Art channeled in flow state, infused with intention, Each piece speaks to your subconscious dimension. Original Art, now digital Activations for your phone or home, Create a portal to your dreams, where intentions are sown. Sacred colour codes and energies to rewire your mind, Unlocking your potential, one glance at a time. Through the screen of your devices, a gateway appears, Where colours whisper stories your soul longs you to hear. With each Art Activation you choose, your transformation starts, An inner journey to the next level you, with Devine Intentions Art.