Austin Jackson (Trippy Everything), a digital artist from Santa Clara, California, has been creating psychedelic fractal visuals since April 2020. Initially a quarantine hobby inspired by renowned fractal artist Julius Horsthuis, his passion for fractal animations quickly turned into an obsession. Within his first 11 months, Austin's artwork gained international recognition, featuring in digital galleries in Milan and London, as well as night clubs in Thailand. He has sold dozens of NFTs on, and continues to seek innovative ways to share his artwork globally.

Driven by a deep connection to God and various psychedelic experiences, Austin's artwork aims to emulate the intensity and wonder of a psychedelic journey in a unique digital form. What started as a fun hobby soon changed the trajectory of his life. All of his visual artwork and music are inspired by his spiritual awakening, the divine connection between God and all things, and his personal psychedelic experiences. Fascinated by the unknown, his work aspires to inspire wonder, open the mind, and highlight the mathematical evidence of intelligent design in our Universe.

To create his mesmerizing visuals, Austin uses Mandelbulb 3D to generate complex mathematical worlds, combining various formulas and equations. He explores these landscapes, creating animations between points of interest, and then renders 4K frames, each taking 1-7 minutes to complete. These images are then imported into Adobe After Effects for editing and re-exporting in video format.

While visual fractal artwork has been a significant focus, music remains his first love. Austin has been playing the piano since he was 7, focusing on classical and ragtime, the guitar since 12, with a preference for metal, and creating electronic music in various genres since 15. His musical tastes are ever-evolving, and he constantly seeks innovative ways to blend and create unique sounds. His visual artwork and music mutually influence each other, often leading him to revisit old melodies, songs, and fractal renders after gaining new insights from recent projects.

Despite considering himself an advanced beginner, Austin's artwork has been showcased in digital galleries worldwide, night clubs, and music festivals. His YouTube channel has amassed over 8 million total views, and his self-produced short film 'Age of Wonder' won best VFX at the London Shorts film festival. He attributes all glory to God, whose mind alone can conceive such geometric marvels. Austin sees himself as a fortunate observer, blessed with the computational means to visualize these astonishing mathematical equations in 3D.