Veronica Shimanovskaya is an award-winning St. Petersburg born Russian-American artist, currently based in New York. She studied art, architecture and theater and earned her MA and Doctorate degrees from the University of East London, University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Harvard University respectively. As an artist, whose life evolved in and between three different cultures, she is intrigued by the differences in perception and their relationship to pure subjectivity. Shimanovskaya explores the nature of visual fiction, and the ways subjective experiences confer knowledge through art - a notoriously complex non-verbal systems of communication. As she is interested in pure subjectivity, and searching for an almost “pre-conscious” innocence of being (a concept known as apperception), she finds herself drawn into the world of play as a method of art production. This yields artifacts representative of the moment – a pure moment of existence and unmediated experience, be it a response to shape, colour, environment, or inter-species communication. She works in painting, object making, moving image, and immersive installation. Veronica has show her work at the Venice Biennale, London Art Week, Thessaloniki Art Week, and more. She exhibits internationally in Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Serbia, Russia, UK and USA