Wisse Scheele is a dancer and multi-disciplinary artist from the Netherlands, currently performing as a dancer in the Slovak National Ballet. His creative endeavors span motion design, dance, film, and painting.

At the age of 18, his first dance film was premiered at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. From an early age, Scheele aspired to be a ballet dancer, joining the Dutch National Ballet Academy at the age of 10. He was granted an award Dansersfonds beurs (Scholarship by Han Ebbelaar and Alexandra Radius) in 2020 and Youth award ‘Gouda star’ (Youth award by the city of Gouda) in 2015. In 2021, his choreography titled ‘Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing’ was performed on the stage of The Dutch National Ballet by Arthur Erlandson.

In addition to his passion for dance, Wisse has always had a deep urge to create his own work, constantly exploring new and different ways to express his emotions. This journey led him to discover that he could transfer movements to a digital world using motion capture software.

Dance is the central element in almost all of Wisse Scheele’s work. The driving force behind his creations is the challenge of finding innovative ways and possibilities to re-envision dance and reshape its perception. By integrating dance into the 3D space, he has created a place without boundaries or limitations, where he enjoys the freedom to convey his narratives.

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