We live in a world of fragments. A world we constantly break apart/cut in order to understand. We isolate small truths in bits and pieces, plan sections and construction details, MRI sections and dissections, split atoms and god particles, pixels that divide our screens in order to give more accurate definitions of things. The space between these small truths, be it tiny particles or large monoliths, shrinks and stretches, in its hovering oscillation it makes huge loops, explodes and reassembles, and moves on. Slowly. Fragmento is a small personal totem, a beating heart. It is never statical and never whole. Its pieces connect and disassemble, they know they are one, but never truly meet. Maybe for one split of a second I saw myself in Fragmento. Then again, maybe next time.

Fragmento was created as part of an ongoing, multiple prize-winning algorithmic design research, through which mesh manipulation techniques such as recursive subdivision and normal vector differentiation are used as morphogenetic tools. Utilising both design software and visual computing, a unique, non-linear process of 3d modeling is being explored. Without utilizing physics simulations or nature references, a series of custom made algorithms groups and relocates mesh vertices according to geometrical properties of the platonic solid they descend from, dividing and welding the shape continuously, from whole to fragments and back.

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