Voo’s 2018 Fertility Doll series is inspired by the wondrous yet mystifying miracles of birth. Voo, a Los Angeles native and mother of three daughters, translates the efforts of fertility into acrylic paintings and painted sculpture, depicted in digital form.

Her piece titled “The Things Between the Things” alternates between two images, both Fertility Dolls, yet with entirely different depictions of what fertility means.

In the first image, the doll demonstrates a feminist perspective of childbirth. She possesses X’s for eyes, smokes a cigarette, sports tattoos, and has an open safety pin between her legs. This doll demonstrates the tough and challenging aspects of childbirth, as well as the strength women innately possess to give birth.

The other image suggests fertility as heavenly, and as a vessel of the divine. The figure is gold and silver, colors that reference divinity. Her eyes are fully open, completely aware of the process of fertility. Lastly, the black and white-striped background points towards the figure, indicating her higher power and strength.


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