Wade Marynowsky

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Lyrebirds, 2021.

Artbreeder (Simon, 2020) is a collaborative tool for discovering new images and generating animations. Images are 'bred' by having ‘children’, or by mixing an images ‘genes’ with other images. The lineage of the hybrid image may be traced through a collaborative family tree, thus breeding and sharing can be used as methods for exploring highly complex images.

Deep fake algorithms are now reaching the state of being able to convince humans (and other algorithms) that the person in a video is the real person, not a simulation. The Australian Lyrebird has been doing just that since time immemorial, famous for its ability to mimic the sound of its local environment, including birds, animals, chainsaws and cameras.

In "The Lyrebirds", we see a slowly animated sequence of hybrid insects, animals, and bird-like creatures, created by cross-breeding across an extensive range of image categories. Morphing from one hybrid creature to the next, they never form recognisable new creatures or return as the original image that was first fed into the image generating network. Instead they exist in a liminal and latent space completely synthesised by the artist, the community and the algorithms, confusing our expectation of representation and as well as notions of authorship.


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