William Charles Shifflett

Vienna, VA

Flow of Time

William Charles Shifflett is a musician and visual artist based in Vienna, Virginia. His autobiographical works overlap the arenas of digital design, photojournalism and musical composition.

Flow of Time combines an original ambient musical composition with time-altered layers of video footage depicting ocean waves lapping at the California shoreline.

The musical component of Flow of Time was recorded at home using a digital FM synth (Korg Opsix) and two guitar pedals (Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water and Chase Bliss Mood). The ambient loop was lightly edited on a computer (Logic Pro).

The video component of Flow of Time was shot using an iPhone during October 2018.

As a whole, Flow of Time attempts to depict - in visual and aural form - the different ways that people in a community may experience - or feel - the flow of time. During a pandemic, to give one example, neighbors may experience the flow of time differently, depending upon their life circumstances, physical or emotional wellbeing, or any number of other factors.


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