William Charles Shifflett

Vienna, VA

Time Inside Time

William Charles Shifflett is a musician and visual artist based in Vienna, Virginia. His autobiographical works overlap the arenas of digital design, photojournalism and musical composition.

Time Inside Time combines an original ambient musical piece looping over video footage of snowfall that was recorded at two different speeds and arranged so that the slow-motion recording is nested inside the real-time recording.

The musical component of Time Inside Time was recorded at home using an analog synth (Moog Matriarch) and two guitar pedals (Keeley Eccos and Vongon Ultrasheer). The loop was lightly edited on a computer (Logic Pro).

The video component of Time Inside Time was shot using an iPhone in February 2021.

The title Time Inside Time points to the moments within our shared, real-time existence that reverberate in the mind's eye at a glacial pace - such as, the experience of mourning the death of a loved one while days of Amazon packages pile up outside the apartment door.

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