Dance Tunnel I

Dance Tunnel I depicts a graffiti decorated abandoned railroad tunnel in Wuppertal, Germany, and is the most recently taken photograph featuring in Wenders' "Strange and Quiet Places" series. It is also the most complicated in process and content.

The tunnel wall is like a canvas where one can observe a layered play of creation and vandalism: white numbers on the walls are a vestige of the tunnel's original function, but they are partially covered by the works of Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gemeos, who painted six cartoon people. The work of Os Gemeos, in turn, is obscured by red crosses and lines that vandalise the paintings. And yet simultaneously, these marks unite the slightly standing apart figures as if into one coherent composition.

Wenders adds another layer of visual organization by taking a photograph of the wall. He therewith creates a whole new artwork of a new domain: the original work, created out of technical detail (the original railroad marks), recognised street art (Os Gemeos) and the red crosses and lines (renegade graffiti sprayers) - situated in a dark tunnel - is transformed into a single photographic composition that has become part of the established art world and its professional trade.

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